An Insider’s Guide to Venice on a Budget

Canals, gondolas, dream-like palaces, romantic little piazzas—and not a car in sight. Venice is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Italy. And despite the city’s expensive reputation, there are several ways to keep your budget under control while you’re visiting. To me, it’s not merely about saving money.

It’s about being more authentic and trying to live as the locals do.

Here’s some handy tips to help you save some money and experience more of the local lifestyle in the process.
Best Seasons to Visit Venice

The best time to visit Venice is definitely early autumn or spring. Summer time is lovely, but it can also be extremely exhausting: partly because of the large crowds of tourists and partly because it’s much more tiring to climb all those stairs and bridges when it’s hot. Winters in Venice are regularly mild, but apart from the Venice festival season in February, I wouldn’t recommend visiting at that time of year.

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